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NYPD sergeant convicted of twice raping girlfriend's daughter, 13, and forcing her to perform sex act on him at school after taking her to the father/daughter breakfast gets just THREE years in prison

  • Vladimir Krull was convicted of raping and sexually assaulting the 13-year-old daughter of his then-girlfriend this past January
  • The 39-year-old was facing up to 21 years in prison and prosecutors from the Bronx District Attorney's Office were pushing for 15 years behind bars 
  • The former NYPD sergeant, who served on the force for 12 years, got three years in prison on the three major charges, but will serve them concurrently 
  • He was accused and later declared guilty of raping the girl at her apartment and in a car between November of 2013 and February of the following year
  • Krull also was found guilty of charges relating to an incident when he forced the eighth-grade student to give him oral sex outside her school
  • He had taken the girl to a father/daughter breakfast earlier that day, attending the event because her father had passed away just one year prior

A New York City police officer who was convicted of raping and sexually assaulting his girlfriend's daughter on multiple occasions has been sentenced to just three years in prison.

Vladimir Krull, 39, was facing up to 21 years behind bars after a jury found him guilty on multiple counts of rape, sexual abuse, and committing a criminal sexual act along with a single count of endangering the welfare of a child on three incidents.

Those three incidents involved Krull and the daughter of a woman he dated for two years.

In both the initial report to police and her testimony at trial, the young victim spoke about how Krull raped her on two occasions when she was 13, while also forcing her to perform oral sex on him that same year while they sat in a car outside her school.

Krull had just taken the girl to her father/daughter breakfast when he forced her to engage in the sexual act with him, according to the complaint.

The victim had just lost her father the previous year at that time, and his passing was the reason Krull had been asked to accompany her to the event.

The victim testified in court that Krull began sexually assaulting her in September of 2013 when he kissed her on the mouth just a few weeks after she turned 13 and started the eighth grade.

Krull then raped the victim on at least two occasions according to the complaint and trial testimony.

Prosecutors then doubled that number after Krull's arrest, stating that the fourth and final time the civil servant forced himself on his girlfriend's child came exactly one year after that first kiss.

The victim, who is now 16, testified under oath that Krull, who was 37 at the time, first forced her into having sex with him in her mother's apartment and later made her engage in intercourse while they were in his car.
Those two rapes occurred sometime between November of 2013 and February of the following year. 
The aforementioned third incident took place in June 2014 according to the initial complaint and testimony from the trial, with the victim recounting how Krull forced her to give him oral sex in his car. 
The prosecution had also stated that Krull had engaged in sexually explicit conversations with the victim up until just days before his arrest in February of 2015.
He was taken in after the victim's mother went into his work and told officers at the Midtown North Precinct that Krull had raped her daughter multiple times.
It was also the mother who reported the history of sexually explicit conversations between the two, stating that the most recent one had occurred just a few days prior between her daughter and her ex.

The jury deliberated for five days after sitting through four weeks of arguments and testimony in the case, and after handing down their verdict prosecutors for the Bronx District Attorney's Office pushed for Krull to receive a 15-year sentence.

In the end however, the former sergeant for the NYPD was given a three-year sentence for each of the three major charges.

He will also be able to serve those three sentences concurrently, thus commuting a nine-year sentence by two-thirds in the case.

Krull will also have to register as a sex offender and will be supervised and monitored for a five-year period after his release.

Roger Blank, who is representing Krull in the case, seemed content with the sentencing decision in court on Monday.

He had previously pointed out that while he accepted the jury's decision back in January, he did not believe there was enough forensic evidence in the case to convict his client.

Blank and the defense also played up Krull's many years of service, spending 12-years in the force starting with posts at the 46th Precinct in the Bronx and the 108th Precinct in Queens before moving to the Midtown North Precinct in Manhattan.

He was suspended without pay immediately after his arrest, and within days it was announced that he had been terminated following an investigation undertaken by the internal affairs bureau.

It was only two months prior that Krull had been publicly lauded by the precinct, who posted a message on Twitter congratulating him for busting up a bank robbery.

'Great arrest by Officers Joaquin Navarro and Mike Ball and Sgt Vladimir Krull catching a bank robber in the act on Madison Avenue today,' read the post, referencing  

In a statement released after Krull's conviction this past January, Bronx District Attorney Darcel D. Clark stated that he hoped Krull's fate would send a clear message to other adults looking to take advantage of children. 

'The defendant horrifically abused the trust of this family and engaged in sexual acts with a child,' said District Attorney Clark.

'He now faces prison time for his depravity and I hope his conviction reinforces the message that we do not stop until we get justice for the most vulnerable of victims.'

He did not release a statement however after the verdict was handed down on Monday by Acting Bronx Supreme Court Justice Lester B. Adler, who also presided over the trial.

The Bronx District Attorney's Office were aided in the case by employees from the Child Abuse/ Sex Crimes Bureau, Public Integrity Bureau and Special Victims Division.

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