Monday, March 27, 2017

It's not a hologram; it's Hollywood—and "Weinergate" is FAKE

Some scientists tell us the world is just a hologram. But the truth is, it's Hollywood. For what purpose? Well, sometimes we need baby steps that reflect a version of life we can accept before we're ready for the bottom line. And, in my view, that’s what we’re seeing happening through alternative media as well as mainstream media today.

I, along with many of you, suspected a long time ago that Weinergate was fake. (Come on…a guy named “Weiner” who can’t keep his sausage in his pants?) But we saw it as perhaps a weird step to somewhere else we needed to go.

Mainstream media couldn’t get enough of the story, that was our second clue. Salon even ran a "Weinergate" timeline. 

So does the NYPD know what’s really going on? And why did they say they wanted to do a press conference about the Weiner laptop file? Well, the easy answer is they didn’t. We were TOLD they did by a supposed “insider” named Erik Prince…through Breitbart dot com. But we know who Erik Prince is and we’re beginning to see how Breitbart has handled things since it’s founder died.


There is a truth that is beyond comprehension for most Americans. The governments of the world are puppets controlled by horrible creatures who feed on human flesh. And that flesh must be infused with a certain hormone that humans secrete when we experience terror. That’s the bottom line. If government patsies do not provide humans for the monster’s consumption, they are told humanity will be forced into extinction. So they all keep quiet and feel they are doing the best thing given their cricumstances.


Humanity must rise up and act with one accord. Stop feeding the beast. Boycot corporate government. Starve it and let the beast die. It’s up to us.

Trump knows. On CNN he accidentally says "Pizzagate" ....back in 2011. (00.28)

Take a listen to the voices on these two videos:

We CAN handle the truth. Our kids depend on it.

—daughter of earth


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  1. Yes, starving the beast is something that we can do together. If we want the existing control system to come down, we need to stop feeding it! Thanks, Cindy.